When you visit Naples Botanical Garden, Florida flora comes to life in front of your eyes. This 170-acre garden offers a world-class experience and gives easy access to the plants that make Southwest Florida a tropical garden paradise. It is a must-visit attraction for any fan of flowers and plants.

At Naples Botanical Garden, Florida’s subtropical and tropical plants are the stars of the show. The park features 10 unique gardens. See orchids in bloom, succulents, water plants, and more at this expansive facility dedicated to horticulture and learning. Lake Tupke and Deep Lake offer a waterfront ambiance. You’ll also find walking trails, dining opportunities, and a gift shop for souvenirs all at Naples Botanical Garden.

How Big is the Naples Botanical Garden

How Big is the Naples Botanical Garden?

Naples Botanical Garden spans 170-acres located just 10 minutes from beautiful downtown Naples. The garden features a visitors’ center with interpretive exhibits, food services, restrooms, a gift shop, and 10 unique gardens.

In addition to spanning over 170-acres, Naples Botanical Garden is also home to several miles of walking trails. With so much to explore, you’ll love making the gardens part of your next Southwest Florida vacation.

What Do Botanical Gardens Have?

Botanical gardens are collections of plants dedicated to cultivation, preservation, and display. They inspire the senses through sight and smell and let you get back to nature in serene surroundings.

At Naples Botanical Garden, Florida plants are the centerpiece. The garden’s mission is to preserve plants that grow between the 26th latitudes and to share knowledge about these plants for beauty, sustenance, tranquility, and well-being.

Naples Botanical Garden has 10 unique garden areas. These gardens are:

  • Irma’s Garden
  • Kathryn’s Garden
  • LaGrippe Orchid Garden
  • Lea Asian Garden
  • Kapnick Brazillian Garden
  • Kapnick Caribbean Garden
  • Scott Florida Garden
  • The Preserve
  • Water Garden

Let’s look at a few of the details about each area of the Naples Botanical Garden.

Irma’s Garden

Irma’s Garden at the Naples Botanical Garden features unique flowers and plants that you’ll only find in the topics and subtopics. This charismatic collection shows off what makes the plants of the 26th latitudes special. See bright colors, unique changing plants, and more in Irma’s Garden.

Kathryn’s Garden

Kathryn’s Garden at the Naples Botanical Garden is home to a collection of plants, flowers, and trees inspired by the work of the post-Impressionistic French artist Henri Rousseau. You’ll see and smell fruit trees, enjoy lush vegetation, and see bright flowers in this unique garden.

LaGrippe Orchid Garden

The LaGrippe Orchid Garden at Naples Botanical Garden features a collection of orchids found around the globe. These notoriously fickle plants thrive there. You’ll find beautiful bromeliads growing among the orchids.

Lea Asian Garden

When strolling through the Marcia and L. Bates Lea Asian Garden at Naples Botanical Garden, Florida turns into Japan. This garden is themed after a Japanese temple ruin and features the plants and flowers you’ll find growing in Asia.

Kapnick Brazillian Garden

The flora and fauna of Brazil are beautiful and diverse, and you’ll find this well-represented at the Kapnick Brazillian Garden at the Naples Botanical Garden. Art installations inspired by Cubism and Brutalism are the perfect backdrop here to the plants of Brazil.

Kapnick Caribbean Garden

There’s more to the Caribbean experience than white sandy beaches and turquoise blue seas. The Kapnick Caribbean Garden at Naples Botanical Garden captures the unique tropical essence of the Caribbean and brings it to Southwest Florida. See crops like banana, sugar cane, and papayas grow, along with fragrant vanilla orchids and more.

Scott Florida Garden

The Sunshine State is a lush paradise. Naples Botanical Garden, Florida is well represented in this unique collection. See palm trees, native wildflowers, and local plants up close and in person.

The Preserve

The 90-acre Preserve shows off Florida’s unique ecosystem. Explore pine flat woods, lush wetlands, and other Florida habitats and environments in the natural wonder. If you’re lucky, you might encounter an endangered gopher tortoise, many species of birds, and other Florida critters.

Water Garden

You’ll find the Water Garden in the heart of the Naples Botanical Garden. Florida is 18.5% water and the Sunshine State’s lush lakes and rivers are the perfect habitat for all kinds of growing water plants. See them in person at this unique garden.

With so much to see and explore, the Naples Botanical Garden is well worth a visit for tourists and locals alike.

How Long Does it Take to Go Through Naples Botanical Garden

How Long Does it Take to Go Through Naples Botanical Garden?

With its massive size and 10 unique gardens to explore, visitors to Naples Botanical Garden should count on spending at least 3 hours. This allows time to bask in the beauty of Florida’s flora, have a drink at the cafe, and pick up a few souvenirs at the gift shop.

How Much Does it Cost to Go to Naples Botanical Garden?

Admission to Naples Botanical Garden is $25 per adult, $10 for kids ages 3-17, and free for little ones under 3. Parking is free but can be limited during special events.

If you are interested in becoming a member at Naples Botanical Garden, you’ll find several different tiers of membership. The most basic membership for individuals is $90 per year and provides free admission. A family membership is $145 per year and offers free admission for two adults and children and/or grandchildren under 18. Other memberships range from $265 a year to $1,000 a year and offer a range of other benefits.

Are Pets Allowed in Naples Botanical Garden?

Naples Botanical Garden goes to the dogs on Sundays and Tuesdays, when the park is open to pets. Twice a week from 8 to 11 a.m., this garden paradise turns into a dogwalker’s dream. Well-behaved and vaccinated dogs are allowed in the park during these special hours. Pets are not permitted in the gardens at other times.

How Old is Naples Botanical Garden?

Naples Botanical Garden is has been part of Southwest Florida for 30 years. The garden was established in 1993 and has flourished with flora since.

Can You Get Married at Naples Botanical Garden?

If you want to say “I do” among the blooms, you’re out of luck. Naples Botanical Gardens recently eliminated private events, like weddings, from their offerings so they may focus more on member and community programming.

What is Naples, Florida Like in the Summer?

Planning a trip to Naples in Summer? While the Naples Botanical Garden will be in bloom, you’ll find warm weather and steamy humid conditions. Expect the temperature in Naples to hover in the 90s during the months between June and September. You’ll also need an umbrella as summer brings up to 9 inches of rain each month.

Even though Summer is considered Naples’ “off-season,” you’ll still find lots of families vacationing here. Family-friendly attractions like the historic Naples Pier, Naples Botanical Gardens, Naples Zoo, and more make Southwest Florida a great destination for a summer vacation.

What is Naples, Florida Like in the Summer

What is the Largest Botanical Garden in Florida?

Naples Botanical Garden is among the largest botanical gardens in Florida.

However, it’s not the only botanical garden in the Sunshine State. Other botanical gardens here include:

  • Miami Beach Botanical Garden in Miami Beach
  • Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables
  • McKee Botanical Gardens in Vero Beach
  • Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens in Williston
  • Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota
  • Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg
  • Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens in Port St. Lucie

When Ponce de Leon claimed what is now the Florida peninsula for Spain, he called the area La Florida because the word meant “an abundance of flowers” in Spanish. It’s so surprising that today’s Sunshine State is home to so many botanical gardens.

See Florida in Bloom at Naples Botanical Gardens

When you plan a trip to Naples Botanical Garden, Florida’s unique plant life will inspire and impress. You’ll see everything from native wildflowers and palms to exotic plants from around the world in the 170-acre garden paradise.

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