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Best Months to Visit Southwest Florida: A Vacation Guide

Our paradise has so much to offer visitors year-round, but what are the best months to visit Southwest Florida? From stunning beaches to incredible excursions, there’s something for everyone to love in Southwest Florida. But the area’s highly seasonal nature can make planning the perfect vacation a bit challenging. Learning to navigate the seasons will maximize your enjoyment of the area that “promises a delicious blend of classic and cosmopolitan...

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Plan a Green Vacation: Ecotourism Florida

Looking for adventure in Florida? Ecotourism might be right up your alley. When it comes to ecotourism, Florida is one of the best destinations in the country thanks to our lush green landscape, sub-tropical weather, wondrous wildlife, and more. Florida can be an eco-friendly vacation destination. When it comes to ecotourism, Florida provides many opportunities to nurture Mother Nature while having a great time. Ecotourism in Florida can include visiting...

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How to Get to North Captiva Island

North Captiva Island is a hidden gem, and getting there is half the adventure. You can only access North Captiva Island by boat, ferry, or small aircraft. But when you’ve figured out how to get to North Captiva Island, you won’t regret the journey, thanks to the pristine beaches and rustic surroundings. North Captiva Island is not accessible by car, and you need to take a boat, ferry, or small...

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Fall in Love with Romantic Getaways in Florida

The possibilities for romantic getaways in Florida seem endless. While Florida is home to some of the most spectacular vacation spots in the world, finding the destination that is right for you and your partner can be challenging. Florida is a large state with many attractions, a diverse environment, and seasonal weather. Understanding where and when to visit will help you enjoy your perfect romantic getaway in Florida. Is Florida...

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At Naples Botanical Garden, Florida Blooms

When you visit Naples Botanical Garden, Florida flora comes to life in front of your eyes. This 170-acre garden offers a world-class experience and gives easy access to the plants that make Southwest Florida a tropical garden paradise. It is a must-visit attraction for any fan of flowers and plants. At Naples Botanical Garden, Florida’s subtropical and tropical plants are the stars of the show. The park features 10 unique...

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Naples, Florida Zoo: Plan Your Next Visit

Are you looking for a setting in which you can have fun, learn, and unwind? What better place than the Naples, Florida Zoo? You can see leopards, alligators, giraffes, all of which can teach you something new. So plan a fun day with the whole family, make the most of the nice weather, and get ready to feel like a kid again. Take a look at why this historic botanical...

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How to Plan the Perfect Day with Your Dog at the Beach

The soft white sand, pleasant breeze in your hair, the lovely sound of your pup splashing in the water – it sounds like a true beach getaway for any pet lover, doesn’t it? Nowadays, pets have become an increasingly important part of our lives, and many people can’t imagine going on a vacation without their furry friends. The good thing is, they don’t have to. You’ll find plenty of places...

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Vacation Car Rentals Make Getting Around Easy

Ride share services like Uber and Lyft have changed the way we get around, especially when traveling. But sometimes the best way to see and enjoy your trip destination is from behind the wheel. Vacation car rentals make getting around easy. However, there are a few things you should know before getting in the driver’s seat of your vacation car rental. For example, booking in advance and scheduling pick-up at...

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Creative Ways to Find Laptop Sunshade and Work from the Beach

If you worked remotely over the past year, you most likely had to think of innovative ideas to set up your workspace. Some sent emails from their bedroom, some took conference calls from the couch, and others realized that all they needed to be productive was a pleasant sunshade and a laptop. Are you daydreaming about being on a Florida beach, but instead, you’re stuck in a Zoom meeting? We...

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What is the weather like in Southwest Florida?

Southwest Florida’s weather is undoubtedly the envy of much of the country when temperatures begin to drop. With mild temperatures and low humidity, it’s no surprise that millions of visitors flock to beautiful Southwest Florida each winter. While the winters are celebrated, summers have undeservingly gotten a bad reputation. Southwest Florida’s weather is particularly seasonal – mild, dry winters and hot, wet summers. Understanding the differences and planning your activities...

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