If you worked remotely over the past year, you most likely had to think of innovative ideas to set up your workspace. Some sent emails from their bedroom, some took conference calls from the couch, and others realized that all they needed to be productive was a pleasant sunshade and a laptop.

Are you daydreaming about being on a Florida beach, but instead, you’re stuck in a Zoom meeting? We can help with that! We’ll give you our best tips and tricks on how to combine both. Just bring your laptop, and we’ll find the best sunshade so that you can work comfortably.


Can You Bring a Laptop to the Beach

Can You Bring a Laptop to the Beach?

The beauty of our modern world is that nowadays, more people have the option to work remotely. That means that instead of taking lunch in the office break room, you could stroll down the Naples Pier or go for a swim in the turquoise Captiva Island water. In addition, remote work gives you the flexibility of being anywhere in the world. So, what stops you from working on those reports on some of the most charming beaches in South West Florida?

Yes, we know that working on the beach might seem like an impractical idea. There’s sand that can get in your laptop, the sun’s rays can reflect on your monitor, which makes it difficult to see what you’re typing, and there’s always the possibility of overheated electronic devices, but we’ve got you covered! With a few minor adjustments, you could make it a beach day and finish that project you’ve been putting off.

To make your life easier, we’d love to share a few tips below:

Adjust and Increase Brightness Settings

By increasing the monitor’s brightness, you’ll be able to see the screen more clearly, especially when working under direct sunlight. There is one catch, though! Make sure to check the computer battery often, as increased brightness uses more power and rapidly drains the battery.

Put On Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses reduce sun glare on your monitor, especially when the sunshine is very bright. Plus, sunglasses look good on everyone, so there’s a big chance someone from that Zoom meeting is jealous of your fabulous beach look.

Pick a Shady Spot

Whether you’d like to place your towel under a palm tree, or a beach umbrella, choosing a good beach shade is the key to having a comfortable and productive workday. Being under the right shade helps you handle Florida’s heat better, while it also keeps your laptop from boiling in the sun.

Wear Dark Clothing

You may be excited over that brand new yellow swimsuit you just bought, and we’re thrilled for you; however, we strongly recommend leaving it for a day when you’re not working in the sun.

The reflection of lighter-colored apparel will be mirrored on your monitor, making it difficult to see, and potentially causing eye strain. So instead, we recommend darker colored clothing as it is absorbed better and you will not put so much pressure on your eyes.

Face Against the Sun

The quickest way to give up on your beach day work is when you cannot see your laptop’s screen, which will happen if you sit with your back against the sun. Instead, if you place yourself in a position where you are facing the sun, you’ll be able to see your screen more clearly as it won’t be affected by the sun’s rays.

How Can You Protect Your Computer From Sunlight

How Do I Shade my Laptop in the Sun?

We genuinely enjoy the bright Florida sunshine, but the sun’s intense glare could strain our eyes, especially when reading from an electronic device. Therefore, finding the best sunshade for your laptop is essential for a comfortable and successful day. Aside from sitting under a palm tree or a beach umbrella, there are several ways we can protect our laptops from the sun.

  • Laptop Hood. It costs about $30, and it’s usually made of recyclable materials. When it unfolds, the sides and upper part of the hood make a box around your computer, preventing light from the top and sides. It’s thin and convenient, so it could easily fit in your carry bag.
  • Laptop Tent. Although priced slightly higher at about $50, this tent is a miniature version of a camping tent, except it is designed specifically for laptops. It helps with sun glare as the top, sides, and back are covered. There’s also an opening pocket in the back for cables, making it convenient to charge your battery. Additionally, the tent also serves as a carry bag for your laptop.
  • DIY Laptop Cover. Going for about $6, this is the most budget-friendly option. First, take a trip to Ikea and look for a regular storage box that will fit your laptop. Then, simply slide your computer into the storage box and use it as you usually would. You could also try this DIY project with a cardboard box or paper shopping bags.

Time to get the beach chair and umbrella out of your trunk and get to work!

How Can You Protect Your Computer From Sunlight?

How Can You Protect Your Computer From Sunlight?

Extended exposure to direct sunlight is not suitable for people, and it’s certainly not good for our electronic devices. If you plan on using your computer while being outside, make sure to have an accessory that will protect your laptop. As we mentioned above, the tent and hood are great options. Another alternative would be to take shelter under a tree or beach umbrella but never keep your laptop directly against sunlight.

Can Sand Ruin a Computer?

Sand, salt air, and sun may do wonders for your skin and wellbeing; however, they are far from beneficial for your computer. If you’re working in a beach environment, make sure it is never directly placed on the sand. Sand may scratch the computer’s screen and damage the cooling system if it enters and clogs any opening port. Instead, any open ports should be covered and cleaned with compressed air.

To prevent your laptop from any sand or water damage, you can seal it with plastic, focusing on the keyboard and keypad. Additionally, you can invest in a case that wraps around and protects the device completely. Although the cost of those cases is on the higher end, it will be far cheaper than fixing or replacing a computer damaged by sand.

How Do You Keep Electronics Cool at the Beach?

Keeping electronics cool on the beach is crucial. If you fail to take basic precautions, your laptop and other electronic devices will likely overheat or become severely damaged. To avoid those unpleasant scenarios, you can invest in a laptop cooling pad. The cooling pad is helpful in a warm environment as it decreases the temperature of heated laptops.

Another simple solution would be to turn off any electronic devices when they’re not in use. The more energy they use, the more heat they produce, the more chances of overheating. However, the biggest and most important advice we could give you is to keep electronic devices away from direct sunlight.

How Do You Pack Electronics for Vacation?

These days, technology plays such a significant role in our everyday world. Most people are used to traveling with multiple gadgets, such as cameras, computers, tablets, even drones. To pack accordingly, you have to consider how much space you have in your luggage and what form of transportation you will be using.

If you plan on arriving in SW Florida by plane, only pack the essentials. Traveling light is always a better option as you will have a more worry-free experience. We strongly suggest packing electronics in your carry-on luggage. That way, you’ll have access to them at all times, and there will be fewer chances of lost or stolen items.

Traveling by car will give you more flexibility with the amount of luggage you can take. Additionally, you don’t have to pay extra fees for taking a few extra bags with you, which gives you more freedom to bring more of everything.

Packing electronics for vacation is not a complicated task, but it becomes second nature when there’s an organization placed in-store.

We’d love to share some tips with you below:

  • Pack all your electronic devices in one place so that you’ll have an easier time finding them later.
  • Use a protective case for all your electronics to eliminate the chance of damage.
  • Keep chargers and gadgets together to lessen the chance of losing miscellaneous items.
  • Store your cables in a zip lock bag or sunglasses case to keep them organized.
  • If you’re traveling from abroad, make sure you don’t forget an adapter.

So, you finally decided to book a trip to sunny Southwest Florida and wonder what to pack aside from electronics? We’ve created the perfect list to make your life easier. Bring your sunscreen, hat, and your electronic gadgets. We’re waiting for you!


Plan Your Next Trip to Florida

Plan Your Next Trip to Florida

We hope you found our advice helpful. It would be a pleasure to suit your needs and help you find the perfect vacation rental with Royal Shell. So whether you plan on coming for a business trip or an extended vacation, if your goal is to work remotely, bring your laptop, and we’ll make sure to find the perfect sunshade for you. Please, contact our vacation planning specialists if you have any questions about booking or availability. We’ve got you covered!