What to Pack When You Travel to Southwest Florida

What to pack when you travel to Southwest Florida, especially during times of a pandemic, is more crucial than ever. The easy part is picking your destination but now you have to tackle the endless list of what you need to bring. There is no need to fear though with our list of what to pack for the perfect trip to Sanibel Island

What to pack when you travel can be the most stressful part of planning a trip. It doesn’t have to be that difficult though. By mapping out what you need to bring to Southwest Florida in the form of checkoff lists, you can have everything packed in no time. Must have travel items to Southwest Florida include bathing suits, sunglasses, the proper clothes and sandals and all the sanitizing items you need to stay safe. 

What Are Essential Travel Items for a Travel Packing Checklist?

What Are Essential Travel Items for a Travel Packing Checklist


Essential travel items are only essential to that particular traveler. This is a hard question to answer but below we have provided some essential travel items you may not think of on your journey, whether it’s a domestic trip or an international travel trip:

  • Noise cancelling earbuds
  • A small Bluetooth speaker
  • Travel clothes for the airplane
  • A pillowcase
  • A travel backpack for things that need to stay close to you
  • Packing cubes for suitcases that keep you organized
  • Reading materials
  • A baseball hat for the trip and the sun
  • A tote bag for tourist shopping
  • Luggage on wheels for convenience
  • Packable jackets
  • A travel organizer for your passport, credit cards and important documents
  • A cosmetic kit with travel size containers

What Should I Pack When You Have a Beach Trip?

Heading to the beach in Southwest Florida is a right of passion. It’s why you come here. The temperature of the warm Gulf of Mexico is perfect and the warm powdery sand in between your toes is calling your name. 

Make sure you pack the following when planning a beach trip to Sanibel Island and Captiva Island:

Sun Protection

That sun in Florida is beautiful but it’s also brutal if you don’t come prepared with some sun protection. What you need to remember is no matter how cool or breezy it is to keep you cool, that sun is still affecting your skin. Always remember to bring lotion with a high SPF and reapply as directed. We also recommend taking a large umbrella or tent that can keep out the wind and the UV rays while you take a beach nap or the kids play in the sand. Bring some aloe vera for the end of the day just in case too. 

Bathroom Options

If you are traveling with kids, remember that bathrooms may be few and far between depending on where you camp on the beach for the day. If you have toddlers with potty training lessons, remember to bring your traveling potty and map out a place where the nearest public bathrooms are. 

Food and Beverages

Even if you just had breakfast or lunch before you hit the beach, that doesn’t mean you should not bring food or beverages with you. The beach life causes you to get thirsty and makes you work up an appetite. Come prepared with a well-stocked cooler of snacks and beverages. Family bonus tip: Freeze some of the beverages the night before to create instant cooler ice packs. 

A Family Beach Bag

What Should I Pack When You Have a Beach Trip

You need a family beach bag to keep everything organized. It’s also a safe place for phones, medication and other valuables if you keep it hidden and keep the sand out.

Big Blanket or Beach Mat

A good place for multiple people to hang out is a large beach mat. Another beach tip: Try bringing along an old bed comforter. These are perfect for a beach outing. 

Zip Lock Bags

These bags are your friends for both food and your valuables like phones and other electronics you don’t want getting wet or filled with sand. 

Clothing and Accessories

Always remember the following must-have beach items: 

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat or visor
  • Sandals or flip-flops
  • Water-proof walking shoes
  • Comfortable swimsuits and wraps
  • A cellphone with a good camera to take beach and sunset pictures

Must Haves for the Water

Bring along rafts for you and boogie boards for the kids. Anything else you might want in the water, including arm floaties for the little ones, should be added to this beach list. 

Must Haves for the Sand

We’re talking chairs, beach towels, shovels and buckets for the kids and whatever else you might want for your beach enjoyment. Buckets aren’t just for the children either. Bring some along to hold all the beach shells you will collect on Sanibel Island! Some of those buckets come in handy at the end of your beach day to rinse the sand off your feet. 

Bring a Wagon

Now that you have all the must-have beach accessory items you need on the beach, how are you going to get them to the beach and back to the car? A nice nylon wagon that collapses and has tough wheels that can move through the sands is a beach lifesaver. These wagons help you take all your beach items in one trip. You’ll look like a beach pro. 

Be Prepared to Battle the No-See-Ums

In Florida, we have these annoying little bugs called no-see-ums, also known as sand flies, that you can hardly. The annoying bugs are so small they can fly through screens and can cause small itchy bites. Be prepared to tackle them and keep them at bay with a good no-see-um spray and other deterrents!

Beach House Packing List

Beach House Packing List

Are you renting a Naples vacation rental or a beautiful Sanibel vacation rental? A beach house is a perfect place to unwind in Southwest Florida. 

Remember the following items for your beach house packing list: 

  • Cleaning supplies
  • A dishrag and paper towels
  • Extra trash bags if needed
  • Your favorite cooking supplies for special dishes
  • Dishwasher detergent if needed
  • Dish soap
  • Knives
  • Your favorite bath soap
  • Extra toilet paper
  • Your pillows so you sleep better
  • Beach items which we cover below
  • Food that you can pick up upon arrival
  • Movies and board games
  • Laundry detergent
  • A flashlight
  • Nightlights

Are you looking for a more specific list? Read on to find out more.

7 Day Beach Vacation Packing List

A seven-day beach vacation packing list should include the following clothes items as a basic rule of thumb:

  • 5 shirts
  • 3 skirts or shorts
  • 2 dressy outfit options (mix and match)
  • 1 sweater
  • 1 jacket
  • 1 pair of sneakers
  • 1 hat
  • 1 pair of dress shoes
  • 2 bathing suits
  • 1 cover-up
  • 1 athletic outfit or gym clothes
  • Pajamas 
  • Socks
  • Accessories
  • Underwear

You should always write everything down that you think you might need. Laying the items all out on the bed so you can see and make your matching outfit options is helpful too. 

Don’t keep adding to the luggage once you are done. Remember you need to save some room for the fun things you are bringing back from your beach trip!

Do you planning on getting down to business on your vacation? Learn a few creative ways to find laptop sunshade and work from the beach!


What Should I Pack for an International Trip?

What Should I Pack for an International Trip

Traveling internationally is an adventure within an adventure. You must plan ahead for such a trip because of the length of the trip and the extra security and passport rules associated with the endeavor. 

Follow these tips first to plan for a successful international trip: 

  • Don’t forget the passport and travel visa if necessary. Make sure they are up to date.
  • Keep physical and digital versions of the passport and paperwork in case anything gets lost. Keep your passport photo on your phone too. 
  • Subscribe to the appropriate travel insurance and state department alerts to keep you apprised of emergencies or travel restrictions. 
  • Get travel insurance and keep the document info with you or in an easy to find email.
  • Notify your banks and credit card companies of your travel plans and itinerary destinations. 
  • Get necessary vaccinations needed to travel and realize it takes a couple weeks to receive full immunity from the vaccines. Keep your vaccination certifications handy.
  • Read up and plan for your currency exchange rates in each country you are visiting. 
  • Make sure a friend or neighbor can check in on your home while you are gone. Find a pet sitter. 
  • Make sure our cell phone will work in the countries you visit. 

Now that you know what to prepare for smooth traveling, here’s the list of items you need to pack for an international trip:

  • A portable backup cell phone charger
  • Plug adaptors where needed
  • Medications
  • Insurance and ID cards
  • Pens for customs forms
  • Earplugs, sleeping pills and an eye mask for long flights
  • Sweaters and scarves for chilly airplane cabins
  • Enough clothes to fit the weather patterns for each country you are visiting

What to Pack when Traveling During Covid?

What to Pack when Traveling During Covid

Covid times call for an entirely different mindset to make sure you are prepared for travel. To stay safe and protected, you should pack the following items: 

  • Proof of negative Covid-19 tests where required
  • A thermometer
  • Medicines such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Masks/face coverings
  • Detergents to clean your masks
  • Face shields/eye protectants
  • Lysol
  • Soap
  • Paper towels
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Gloves
  • Contactless credit cards for those with tap to pay purchase options. 
  • Toilet paper when traveling to remote areas
  • Your own pen to avoid germs
  • Plastic bags
  • A water bottle
  • A selfie stick so you don’t have to ask anyone to take your picture and touch your phone. 
  • Your own snacks and food in a cooler during trips
  • Ziploc bags

How Do You Not Forget Things When Packing?

How Do You Not Forget Things When Packing

It’s so easy to forget things when packing. To avoid the pitfalls of packing forgetfulness, we present the following tips for you: 

  • Make separate lists for toiletries, clothes, Covid-19 essentials and medications. 
  • Pack a travel-friendly first-aid kit
  • Remember that there are not many liquids you can get past airport security and plan accordingly. 
  • Name tags are your friend on all airline luggage. 
  • Research and remember airline luggage restriction guidelines. 
  • Remember to plan for some luggage to come back heavier than when you left. Think shopping and souvenirs!
  • Go light on the shoe packing. Three pairs of shoes at most for international travel. 
  • Check if you need to bring your own towels. 
  • Go even lighter on the cosmetics. Those tiny bottles explode on planes and you can pick up what you need upon arrival. 
  • Roll your clothes to save space in the suitcase. Categorize clothes so you can find things easier. 
  • Put all your important items like electronics and jewelry in your hand luggage, carry-on bag and carry-on luggage so it doesn’t leave your side. Leave the rest for checked bags and checked luggage.
  • Buy travel power adapters for electronics ahead of time. 
  • Check the weather ahead of time and plan for all types of weather. 
  • Remember you can’t take nail files, scissors or other sharp objects. 
  • Prepare for the possibility you might be asked to take off clothing at security checkpoints and dress in layers accordingly. 

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