Wonder who lives on Captiva Island? You’ll find that the answer to the question varies depending on the time of the year. Typically, there are a humble number of people populating Captiva Island to the tune of 175 souls. But, when peak season rolls around, how that number swiftly rises to a whopping 20,000 people. Among the inflated seasonal number of people, you may come across a few very familiar faces from your favorite bands, movies, and other well-known people.

Just who lives on Captiva Island? Multiple celebrities call Captiva home, ranging from actors to musicians and business executives. Celebrities like TV newsman Ted Koppel, and “America’s Dad” Tom Hanks, are among a few well-known faces who are celebrity neighbors on Captiva Island. Even if their typical stay on the island amounts to the equivalent of one or two weeks in their vacation home.

While those are just a few names, there are many more. Keep reading to learn more about the known faces of Captiva Island.

Do Any Celebrities Live on Captiva or Sanibel Island?

Do Any Celebrities Live on Captiva or Sanibel Island?

Absolutely. Several celebrities live on Sanibel and Captiva Islands. A few of those that you may recognize immediately include:

Stephen King

The famed novelist and master of horror stories recently acquired a sprawling Lee County waterfront home to the tune of 8.9 million. Known for his cult classics such as Kujo and the hair-raising clown, IT, King’s mansion sits on 3 acres of land. It boasts picturesque views of the Gulf of Mexico. Can you imagine a new book, filled with horror up against such a fantastic backdrop?

Steve Martin

This classic funny man, known for hilarious comedies such as Bringing Down the House with co-start Queen Latifah, Father of the Bride, and Cheaper By the Dozen, may dominate the screen showcasing how all falls apart to one extent or another in his on-screen homes.

NBA Legend Larry Bird

Larry Bird is known for his basketball legacy, boasting the record of being the only athlete to win MVP, Coach of the Year, and Executive of the year. So it’s no surprise that when he purchased his initial home on Captiva in 1993, he decided to demolish it and build his nearly 6,000 sq. ft. custom waterfront mansion overlooking Venetian Bay. He had his eyes set on bigger and grander things.

Tom Cruise’s Mother

Having the bird’s-eye view as Tom Cruise’s neighbor is something that nearly everyone would love to experience. While he does not personally have a residence on Captiva island, rumor has it that it was a frequent spot he visited because his mother lived there. The Mission Impossible actor as well enjoyed the beautiful sands of Sanibel for vacation getaways. Christopher Walken is a fellow actor who has parents living on the island.

Willard Scott

Before his passing, NBC Weatherman Willard Scott and his larger-than-life personality (creator of Ronald McDonald and voice behind ‘America’s favorite Clown,’ Bozo) had first views of the best weather conditions from his lakefront resort-style home. He credited his love for the island to his first visit in 1972.

What Celebrities Live in Southwest Florida?

Of course, the rich and famous are just like us. They have favorite supermarkets and clothing stores. They also enjoy a day out on the beach with family or simply curling up in a nice corner and reading a good book with a steaming cup of tea.

Until recently, when vacationing in Naples, you might have spotted Fox News’ Sean Hannity. His high-rise penthouse overlook had bird-eye views of the tropical-like views if you missed him out and about. It was perfect for his at-home broadcasts.

However, there are still an overwhelming number of celebrities who call southwest Florida home, including Aerosmith guitarist, Joe Perry. Joe Perry is the founding member and lead guitarist of the group. Perry was a nearby resident of the late NBC weatherman, Willard Scott.

Perhaps the area is where the musical juice really gets flowing—Rickey Medlocke, lead guitarist of the rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd; John Mooney, blues guitarist; and AC/DC guitarist Cliff Williams each have a residence in the Fort Myers area.

What Celebrities Live in Southwest Florida?

Were Any Movies Filmed on Captiva Island?

Setting and scenery make all the difference and North Captiva and surrounding areas of Southwest Florida have plenty of both. So, it’s no surprise that so many films are filmed in the area.

A few movies that you may have seen or thought of adding to your ‘films to watch list’ include:

Sweet Home Alabama

There’s nothing like a good tale chronicling a woman’s reinvention. Sweet Home Alabama unfolds as Reese Weatherspoon does just that. This 2002 Romantic Comedy was filmed on Captiva Island.

Donnie Brasco

Johnny Depp and Al Pacino outdid themselves in the mob drama which premiered right before the turn of the century. As the two of them maneuvered the gritty scenes of their world, there were many scenes that may be recognizable as areas of Captiva Island.

The Bodyguard

Possibly one of the most iconic films to ever be filmed in the area is The Bodyguard. The film chronicles the story of a former secret service bodyguard and an R&B singer. The beautiful scenes of Captiva in the early ’90s are still as prevalent today.

Great Expectations

There’s something about getting caught up in arts along with the pursuit of love. Charles Dickens got it and when the 1998 creatively influenced film Great Expectations made it to the screen, choosing to set the scene in Captiva was a great idea.

Gone Fishin’

Filled with great laughs at the turn of every half hour, this crime-centered comedy following Danny Glover and Joe Pesci is a classic. It’s also another great film among the ranks of iconic films that were shot along the beautiful shores of Southwest Florida.

Who Else Lives on Captiva Island?

While the islands of Captiva, Sanibel, and other Southwest Florida areas are populated with numerous celebs, some people live there daily and go about what is considered a typical life. Instead, they simply enjoy the scenery and revel in the beautiful location.

According to the most census count, the population of Captiva Island was 175 with a median property growth of $778,800.

The breakdown of the demographics identifies as 49.1% non-Hispanic whites, 29.1%African Americans, or non-Hispanic and the remaining 21.7% consists of those of Hispanic

Captiva has a large population of foreign-born citizens, predominantly born in Cuba, with a median age of 36. As for individuals native to the island, the median age is 65. Other foreign natives accounted for on the island rounds up from Haiti and Colombia.

Who Else Lives on Captiva Island?

Make Captiva Island Home This Season

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