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What Travel Insurance Do I Need For a Florida Vacation?


There’s a lot that goes into planning a trip south to the Sunshine State. One thing you might be wondering as you prepare to pack your bags is what travel insurance do […]


Sanibel Island vs. Marco Island: Where to Vacation


If you’re stuck trying to decide if you should vacation on Sanibel Island or Marco Island, it might seem like a difficult decision. Both spots are well-known vacation areas in Southwest Florida […]


How to Plan Mini Vacations in Florida


With an increase in non-air travel, weekend road trips and mini vacations have become very popular. In particular, mini vacations in Florida are very popular right now. No matter what kind of […]


Summer Vacation Ideas in Southwest Florida


When you are looking for summer vacation ideas, look no further than sunsets, the beach and the Gulf of Mexico. Southwest Florida is the perfect spot for a summer vacation for couples, […]


What to Pack When You Travel to Southwest Florida


What to Pack When You Travel to Southwest Florida What to pack when you travel to Southwest Florida, especially during times of a pandemic, is more crucial than ever. The easy part […]


Use Flexcation™ Options for Peace of Mind Vacation Planning


Planning and booking a vacation have never seemed more stressful. Even though we have the opportunity to travel and airline rates have never been more affordable, we still wonder about the coronavirus […]

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