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Tips for Booking a Last Minute Holiday Getaway in Florida

It happens to everyone at one time or another in life. You forget to make a solid plan for a holiday getaway trip. Now, with just days or hours before the holiday, the pressure is on to find a great vacation location. Then the question is whether any accommodations will be available to fit your needs at this late date. A last-minute holiday getaway doesn’t have to be expensive or...

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Royal Shell Customer Service Focuses on Southwest Florida Experiences

Southwest Florida experiences, combined with excellent customer service, is paramount to Royal Shell and its customers. Whether you are seeking property management services, looking to sell a home or a vacation guest renting a vacation home, a real estate company that works to create Southwest Florida experiences for everyone is important. Royal Shell’s professional staff is dedicated to providing personal service. Guests will find that Royal Shell focuses on customer...

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How To Plan A Vacation Trip to Visit Sanibel Island

Perhaps the time has come to make scheduling a getaway vacation a priority. Is it time for a few days of rest and relaxation? Then we have the perfect place for you. Sometimes it’s a confusing task to figure out where the most peaceful vacation spot is and where to go. The islands of Southwest Florida are the perfect location to unwind on vacation.  Plan a vacation trip to visit...

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How to Find Condos and Cottages for Sanibel Vacation

You have selected the vacation destination. Now everyone is ready to arrive and relax. The next detail on the list is to reserve great accommodations for your stay. Here are a few tips of how to find condos and cottages for your Sanibel vacation. Before booking the reservation determine how many people will need to included. Is it a couple, a group of four, several families or a large group...

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