It happens to everyone at one time or another in life. You forget to make a solid plan for a holiday getaway trip. Now, with just days or hours before the holiday, the pressure is on to find a great vacation location. Then the question is whether any accommodations will be available to fit your needs at this late date. We’ve got five tips for booking a last minute holiday getaway.

Tip: Stay Calm and Book Your Last Minute Holiday Getaway

You are not the first or the only person to leave holiday vacation planning until the last minute. So take a deep breath and stay calm. The hospitality industry is accustomed to dealing with customers seeking accommodations on a tight schedule before a major holiday like  Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s. These are all times when families look to spend time together in beachfront holiday rentals, while others may want to plan a romantic trip. Whatever the vacation setting, the key is to stay calm.

When planning a last minute holiday getaway be sure to look for deals.

Tip: Decide When to Take Your Holiday Getaway

The holiday season starts with Thanksgiving weekend and lasts a few days past New Year’s Day. Depending on when holidays fall on the calendar, adding the days of the nearest weekend can create an ideal stretch of time to take a break and relax. Considering Thanksgiving beach rentals for the typical four-day holiday? There may be some great deals on accommodations during that period. Or if you decide Christmas or New Year’s would be a better time, there is a good chance you can still secure beach vacation deals at the last minute.

Tip: Look for Last Minute Vacation Deals

While you are still beating yourself up about procrastinating, someone else had to cancel a reservation for a beach vacation rental at the last minute. Who knows, this may end up being your lucky break. Cancelations and lack of reservations for vacation rentals are often discounted to attract last minute guests. It’s really a win-win for all.
Be sure to check date ranges when scoping out available accommodations and specials online. You may find that having flexibility with your arrival or departure dates could translate into last minute getaway deals, like an extra night or two thrown in as a bonus. Or you may discover a rental that was previously outside of your budget is discounted for a certain period and now fits your preferred price point and time frame.

Royal Shell offers a variety of beach house rentals to make the perfect last minute holiday getaway.

Tip: Don’t Give Up On a Beachfront Rental

As you start the search for the perfect holiday vacation getaway, remember the clock is ticking and others are in the same boat. So if you pass on a rental and go back later, it may be too late. Someone else may have submitted their reservation and the property is no longer available. But remember it’s about staying calm. There will still be space available to book. The property may be further from the beach or you could find a luxury beachfront rental at a discounted rate. It will be time to book quickly. Don’t delay because your holiday getaway depends on it.

Tip: Celebrate your Vacation Deal

Now that you have successfully booked a great last minute holiday rental, it’s time to celebrate. We knew you could do it! Get ready to sit back and enjoy all that makes the area special for visitors. Of course, the beach is the main attraction. And the beaches of Southwest Florida make great backgrounds for the holiday selfie you’ll post on social media so those back home can see how much fun you’re having. Oh, and you might want to let them in on the secret that Royal Shell is able to accommodate last minute holiday vacation rentals. Let us know if we can answer any questions for you. Our staff is ready via telephone or live chat to assist you with planning your getaway for the holiday.