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Taking a vacation during the fall in Florida is an experience that you don’t want to miss. In Florida, the fall season will show you and your family how to enjoy the warm sun with a cool twist. With warm weather and a cool breeze, you can put your toes in the sand and enjoy a unique Florida atmosphere. Going on a Florida fall vacation is an adventure that every traveler should experience.

Florida fall vacations are a favorite among travelers thanks to cool, dry weather and less crowded beaches. In addition to enjoying the cooler weather, many vacationers choose to enjoy other popular fall activities. These include visiting pumpkin patches, fishing, late-night fire pits, and more.

Our guide below provides you with helpful information for planning your ideal Florida fall vacation. We’ll cover what the weather is like, where to go, what to do, and more.

Where should I go in Florida in the fall

Where should I go in Florida in the fall?

Looking for a destination to visit during the fall in Florida can be difficult. Maybe you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, or perhaps you want to sit back and relax. Thankfully, Florida in the fall has something for every type of traveler to enjoy. From gorgeous state parks to stunning beaches exhilarating water sports, there are many reasons why fall in Florida is fun-tastic!

Some of the most popular cities to visit in Florida during the fall include:

  • Destin
  • Fort Myers
  • Sanibel Island
  • Captiva Island
  • Key West
  • Cape Coral
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Naples

The warm sunshine, combined with the perfect cool breeze, is hard to miss in Southwest Florida, especially in towns like Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and Punta Gorda. With just the right amount of sun and the fall season, the beaches and coastal waters are a must.


What to do in Florida in the fall?

Florida has many activities year-round, but in the fall, activities are enhanced by arguably perfect weather. Looking for what to do in Florida during the fall can turn into an endless hunt. Walking down the beach in Miami, attending a food and wine festival in Orlando, or even going to see wildlife like manatees at Manatee Park in Fort Myers are just a few of the activities you might enjoy. However, if you enjoy cruising on the water near Miami or fishing at J.N. Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge in Sanibel, then taking a Florida fall vacation is something you won’t want to miss.

Fall activities are a great way to experience the season, and Florida has many different ways to do this. Having a vacation rental to stay at during Oktoberfest in Cape Coral, Florida, is a great place to start enjoying your time in Florida during the fall. The fall season brings everyone together with a wide range of flavors in food and drinks, especially at the many local breweries. Sitting on the beach relaxing and looking for shells in Naples, Florida, is a great way to spend time while on your fall vacation.

What is the weather like in Florida during fall

What is the weather like in Florida during fall?

With the average temperature in Florida reaching the mid 80’s during the day and the mid 60’s at night, who wouldn’t want to be in Florida during the fall? Even though this temperature is lower than the typical Florida standard, you won’t be uncomfortable. The near-persistent sunshine acts as the perfect complement to the slightly cooler weather.

If the water is where you need to be during the fall season, you can count on Florida with water temperatures around the low 80’s. While in Florida during the fall, you won’t need that heavy-duty coat. Instead, a comfortable, light jacket will keep you warm as you get closer to winter. Of course, the weather will change in Florida but knowing that the beach is always an option or even taking a nice relaxed walk on a trail enjoying the Florida wildlife and nature. Visitors from all over come to Florida to feel the warm weather. Even during the fall, this is still true on the sandy white beaches in Fort Myers, FL.


What is the coldest month in Fort Myers Florida?

January is the coldest month in Fort Myers, Florida. During January, temperatures range from the 70’s to the low 50’s. Yet, even as the weather cools, visitors and residents alike stay warm thanks to the year-round Florida sunshine.

What beaches are warm in Florida during November

What beaches are warm in Florida during November?

Lighthouse Beach Park, located on Sanibel Island, will be nice and warm during November while you are on vacation. During November, the beaches in Naples, especially by the pier, are another great spot to see the breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico. Down in Key West, Smathers Beach is the largest public beach that will have enough room for you and your family for that summer warmth during November.


How do people enjoy fall in Florida?

Everyone can enjoy the fall season in Florida in many different ways while on vacation. Having ideas about enjoying the fall season can be different, but choices are endless in Florida. Enjoying life as a Floridan during the fall can be easy with some of these ideas:

  • Attend a Fall Festival
  • Nighttime walks on the beach
  • Visit a pumpkin patch
  • Visit a haunted walk
  • Enjoy seasonal drinks at a local brewery
  • Play a round of golf
  • Get a suntan
  • Go fishing

Winter doesn’t stop the outdoor fun in southwest Florida.

Many people enjoy visiting one of the many local waterfront restaurants on Sanibel Island. To learn more, check out our article on the top Sanibel Island Waterfront Restaurants.

Plan your fall vacation in Florida

Plan your fall vacation in Florida

Make the most of the fall season on your Florida vacation that matches everything you and your family need. Warm winter weather is why Royal Shell is here in Southwest Florida. Royal Shell has beautiful vacation rentals all along the coastline from Sanibel and Captiva Island to Naples. For over 25 years, our vacation planning advisors have been providing options for the best properties to meet your dream vacation needs and desires. We’ll even help you stay safe and avoid vacation rental scams.

Please check out our availability today or give us a call at (866) 341-7799 to speak with our vacation planning specialists to plan your perfect Florida fall vacation.


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