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Planning and booking a vacation have never seemed more stressful. Even though we have the opportunity to travel and airline rates have never been more affordable, we still wonder about the coronavirus pandemic and our work and school schedules for our families. Flexcation™ options are the alternatives you need to book your next vacation with confidence.

How do you come to grips with booking a vacation and worrying if you have to cancel? The solution to your problems is a Flexcation™. When you book a vacation rental property with Flexcation™ options, you are giving yourself peace of mind about booking a vacation for you, your family members and friends.

What is a Flexcation™?

What is a Flexcation?

Flexcation™ is a new term in the vacation industry meaning that vacation planners have the ability to book a vacation without fear they will lose their entire trip if they have to reschedule because of unforeseen circumstances. Even better, opportunities for different types of Flexcation™ options give vacation goers the ability to:

When is the Best Time to Take a Flexcation™?

Flexcations are still emerging as traveler trends in the vacation rental market. Families are more willing to be flexible in September and October. Those months and any months during the year make it easier to book a flexible vacation when you know you can alter your plans if needed.

What are the Benefits of a Flexcation™?

What are the Benefits of a Flexcation?

The benefits of a Flexcation™ are endless. You need Flexcation™ flexibility built in for visiting the beach on your schedule.

Let us count the reasons why it’s a good idea to plan ahead and book a family vacation or a romantic getaway while keeping your options open. The benefits of a Flexcation™ include:

What are the Different Types of Flexcation™ Options Available?

What are the Different Types of Flexcation Options Available?

During trying times, it’s important to have the ability to reschedule a trip for personal or business-related reasons. A Flexcation™ allows you the ability to hold onto your trip and reschedule it without losing your entire deposit.

Flexcation™ options are the keys to booking success and we outline three Flexcation™ options for you below:

Flex Cancellation Policy Options

With a Royal Shell Vacation Flex Cancellation Policy, you have flexible options that make you feel secure no matter what. You have the option to choose between a 50% refund or the option to change your reservation. That’s peace of mind that makes you feel secure when booking a trip.

If the reservation is canceled between 6 and 30 days prior to arrival, you may choose either a 50% refund or the option of a one-time date change for your reservation.

Semi-Flex Cancellation Policy Option

A Semi-Flex Cancellation Policy gives you peace of mind knowing you still have the option to receive a partial refund and the ability to reschedule your trip if something comes up. Even better, you have the ability to re-book dates if you reschedule more than 30 days out from your visit.

Standard Cancellation Policy Option

A Royal Shell Standard Cancellation Policy still provides you with some cancellation flexibility if you have the option to cancel your trip more than 90 days before your scheduled arrival date. Trip insurance is also available that can help protect you if you need to reschedule your vacation.

Book a Flexcation with Royal Shell Today

Book a Flexcation™ with Royal Shell Today

No matter which Royal Shell vacation property you choose, the good news is there are Flexcation™ options that fit your individual needs. Royal Shell also has the Covid 19 guest safety protocols in place that make you feel confident to book a Florida vacation now. We also keep you updated with our Covid 19 updates at the beach. We understand the need for flexibility and have the options you need to book your next vacation today.

For more information on the Flex policy options or if you have additional questions before booking your vacation, contact us today!