As we adapt to changing environments, working remotely and virtual classrooms are becoming more popular. It’s important to learn how to create a virtual classroom learning place. As we navigate new ways of doing things together, it’s important to have fun while doing it. Here are some ways to get creative and create a virtual classroom learning place while you’re on vacation (or a staycation). Learn at the beach or at the pool and do it all in paradise.

The best way to create a virtual classroom learning place is while on vacation. We know some of you, parents, may still have to work during your vacation. If you were thinking about staying for a week, consider staying for longer if you can work remotely and your child can attend school virtually.

Find a Room That Isn’t being Used and Make It Fun-min

Find a Room That Isn’t being Used and Make It Fun

Explore the home and find a spare room that can also double as a makeshift classroom. A corner of the room or a dining room table can work, too, in a pinch. If you’re looking for a vacation rental with a lot of space, we have a ton of options available throughout Southwest Florida. You could convert a guest room or even the lanai. Enjoy being outside and feel the sun on your face. Take advantage of the beautiful year-round weather. Many people enjoy staying on Sanibel and Captiva Islands because of their tropical, laidback vibe, views and proximity to the beach.

Work on better adapting to a changing schedule

Establishing a routine helps. It could be something as simple as not starting the learning process until you’ve enjoyed your morning coffee on the lanai and gotten to relax a bit with a breathtaking beach view. This is also something you could enjoy doing with your kids. After they complete their first few lessons or assignments, you could reward them with a short trip to the beach. Many of our vacation homes are located directly on the beach or are a short walk away from them. If you’re not staying near the beach, you can get out for some fresh air and go for a walk or bike ride to help break up the day. You can rent bicycles while you’re here, too!

Get the proper supplies

If you decide to drive to paradise, make extra room in your car for some educational necessities. When it comes to how to create a virtual classroom learning place, you’ll need some supplies. If you choose to travel to Southwest Florida by plane, you’ll be able to get these things from Target, Walmart or any other general store.

Here are some things you’ll need for your virtual learning environment. You’ll want to make it as reminiscent of a traditional classroom as possible. If you need to teach your kids something or help them with their homework, it’ll be helpful to have these things on hand.

  •       Whiteboard
  •       Poster boards to make learning fun
  •       Markers, pens and pencils

Have fun and be creative

Depending on what your kid is learning about and what grade they’re in, you can help them create custom posters to enhance their virtual learning environment. You can also make posters to represent your vacation and keep these as keepsakes. Create an image of the Sanibel Lighthouse, Naples Pier, Downtown Fort Myers or any other iconic Southwest Florida landmark. As a “field trip” you can go to these places and learn all you can about them. It’ll be fun for the parents to learn about something or somewhere new, too!

Teach your children how to love reading books

Learning how to create a virtual classroom learning environment should definitely involve books! What better time to teach your kids about the magic of diving headfirst into a good book? They can read on the beach, near the pool, in the pool on a float or from the comforts of their own (vacation rental) home with a view of the beach. Parents can get in on the action, too. Grab some books you’ve been meaning to read and find your new favorite place in the sun. If you want to check out some books about Southwest Florida, we recommend any Doc Ford novels, A Land Remembered and The Allure of Immortality: An American Cult, a Florida Swamp, and a Renegade Prophet.

Try a hands-on lesson at the beach

If you don’t want to stay indoors, you can take your learning environment outside—especially if you are staying on or near the beach! Sanibel and Captiva Islands are known by many as the Seashell Capital of the World. Look for seashells, take them home, clean them off and try and identify them. Just don’t take any shells home if there are creatures living inside of them. Here’s Royal Shell’s Guide to Shelling to help get you started. This Shell Guide from the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum on Sanibel can help you identify them. Or you can use your Royal Shell playing cards!

Make sure you have a good internet connection

For any kind of distance learning or remote work, it’s important to have a good, reliable internet connection. When you book a vacation rental with Royal Shell, you won’t have to pay extra for Wi-Fi and you’ll have access to a reliable connection. If for any reason you experience an issue, we will handle it and get you back up and running.

How to Create a Great Remote Work Environment

How to Create a Great Remote Work Environment

Many of these tips can also help you create the perfect remote work environment. After you help your child with how to create a virtual classroom learning place, you can use these tips to set up your space in your vacation rental.

  •       Find a place with good lighting. Fluorescent lighting may cause you to feel more tired and drowsy than normal. Look for a space with decent natural lighting. When all else fails, you can enjoy the weather and work on the lanai or near the pool!
  •       Create some privacy. If possible, find a room with a door or don’t set up shop in a room with a TV. Avoid highly trafficked areas of the home, too. People walking in and out can be a major distraction, and so can a TV.
  •       Add some inspiration and personal touch. Write down some inspiring quotes on sticky notes, play some music, keep your favorite snacks on hand, and bring anything else you think you’ll need to feel comfortable.

Visit Paradise and Work and Learn Remotely

Whether you’re thinking about driving to paradise, flying or you live in the area and you’re in need of a staycation, Royal Shell has a variety of vacation rentals available all over Southwest Florida and beyond. We hope you can use these tips on how to create a virtual classroom learning place and how to set up a great remote work environment to extend your vacation, so you can stay with us even longer. Or maybe they’re the push you needed to feel more comfortable taking a vacation. We also offer family spring break vacation tips and everything you need for Southwest Florida vacations for families.

Let us know if you have any questions and contact Royal Shell today. Our Vacation Planning Advisers are here to help answer any questions you might have about our rentals or the surrounding area. Our favorite thing is helping you create memories you’ll cherish forever, and we’re here to assist in any way we can!