Renting a vacation home for your family’s next travel adventure is a smart choice. From cozy beachfront bungalows to slick city condos, there’s a vacation rental perfect for your family. Enjoying the perfect rental comes easy. Explore these 10 vacation home rental tips for families in Florida and make the most of your rental home stay!

Making the most of your family’s vacation rental stay comes with opportunities to make great memories that will last a lifetime. Learn more about what it takes to enjoy your family’s vacation rental with these 10 smart vacation home rental tips.

10 Vacation Home Rental Tips for Families in Florida

Get the most bang for your vacation buck by following the 10 vacation home rental tips below:

1. Start Your Search Early and Book in Advance

Royal Shell books vacation rental properties up to 52 weeks in advance. This allows guests to have plenty of time to plan their vacation and really weigh your options. Florida has a ton to offer. From chic cosmopolitan city experiences to relaxing white sand beaches, you’ll need to consider the best options for your family. Booking 6 to 12 months in advance can help ensure you get the dream vacation property you have your heart set on.


2. Don’t Forget to Get the Details

When you’re knee-deep in the vacation planning process, it’s important to get down to the nitty gritty details. Think about what you’ll want to know when you’re enjoying the rental. Ask how far the rental is to the beach. Where is the closest supermarket? Does the vacation rental have a pool? How do check in and check out work? What are the rental’s cleaning fees? Do you need to bring your own laundry detergent? Who supplies the toilet paper? Think about what you’ll need to know and get the details from your rental agent or realtor.


3. Look for Deals

If saving money is your game, consider booking a trip during the off season. Spring and fall are considered the off seasons in the Sunshine State. These are still great times to travel to Southwest Florida, though. You’ll find just as many fun activities and perfect beach days, just without the crowds.

4. Understand the Amenities

The minimum stay at many Florida vacation rentals ranges between 3 days and a week. You might be staying longer. With a longer stay, there are a few amenities you’ll likely want to look for. You’ll likely want a washer and dryer for a longer stay. A dishwasher might be a nice amenity to have, too. It might also be wise to consider amenities like Wi-Fi; beach gear like towels, chairs and umbrellas; a grill; convenient parking; outdoor areas like balconies and porches; and canoes or kayaks if your rental is on the water. Looking for the right amenities can help you make the most of your vacation.


5. Read the Lease or Terms and Conditions

It might seem counterintuitive: The more thorough your contract is, the more fun you’re likely to have on vacation. This is because the details are handled and clear, and you won’t be left in the lurch or face surprise fees and expenses. Rental companies and agents that have thorough contracts often run a tight ship and provide clear expectations of the terms and conditions.

6. Have Fun Delegating Space

Your vacation rental has room for everyone. Why not let the kids choose their own bedrooms before you arrive? Take a video tour of the home, and let little ones select where they’ll sleep. This can help kids get excited about the upcoming trip and help minimize bickering over bedrooms upon arrival.


7. Make the Most of The Extras

Unless you plan on eating out every meal, chances are you’ll need to purchase groceries for your vacation rental. Make the most of purchasing the extras by taking advantage of the local market. Venture away from the beach and into town to the closest supermarket. You’ll likely want to grocery shop after arrival, so you know what you’ll need for your stay. You might need to pick up staples like salt and pepper, aluminum foil and paper towels. Don’t feel like grocery shopping? Consider having your vacation groceries delivered to your home away from home!


8. Take Pictures on Day One

Not only will you want to take pictures to preserve the memory of your vacation digs, it might also be wise to take pictures to document any existing damage to your rental home. See a scuff on the wall before you settle in? Snap a photo of it and any other problem areas. This can help prevent you from being charged for any damages that occurred before your family settled in.


9. Protect Your Investment

It is smart to double check all the policies for your vacation rental. You’ll want to be sure of the cancellation policy and be aware of any extra fees associated with your vacation rental. It also might be wise to consider travel insurance for your stay. You can get a separate policy through a travel insurance provider. Just ask your vacation planner about travel insurance.


10. Have Fun!

Bottom line, your vacation rental gives you a place to kick back and relax. Make the most of your time in the sun by letting go of the stress of the working world and having some fun!

Let these vacation home rental tips make your next trip easy. Enjoy your time in Southwest Florida and make memories that will last a lifetime.