Eggnog or Coquito

It’s Florida, so we can’t just give you any old eggnog recipe! This one is like eggnog, but with a tropical twist. Meet coquito. It means little coconut in Spanish. This tasty and traditional Christmas drink originated in Puerto Rico. It’s sometimes referred to as the Puerto Rican eggnog. You’ll see why after you taste it!

Coquito is perfect for warm and cold weather. Let it warm your soul.


  1. 3 cans of coconut milk
  2. 2 cans of cream of coconut
  3. 1 can of evaporated milk
  4. 1 liter of Bacardi coconut rum
  5. A pinch of cinnamon
    Makes two to three liters


Combine all of the ingredients, mix them together, chill for at least four hours and enjoy. Repeat for maximum effect.

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