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Damage Waiver

The Damage Waiver is a fee added to the reservation total. When reported immediately, it covers the registered guest against any accidental damage to the unit or its contents for an amount not to exceed $3000.00. This fee eliminates the necessity of the traditional security deposit. The Damage Waiver gives our guests a complete and total peace of mind by knowing “When accidents happen…You are covered!”

Terms and Conditions:

  • Coverage includes accidental damages only. Damage caused by acts of violence or malicious acts will not be covered.
  • Damage is limited to the rental unit you are occupying under the terms of your confirmation and does not cover any other structure.
  • Coverage includes the interior of the unit including furnishings, appliances and other fixtures.
  • Coverage includes limited damage to the exterior including porches.
  • Guest’s personal items such as luggage, clothing, electronics or any other items that are not a part of the rental property are not covered under this coverage.
  • Vehicles of any kind are not covered.
  • Damage must be reported to the office immediately for coverage to be in effect.
  • Acts of God are not covered.
  • Damage or loss caused by pets or any animal brought onto the premises is not covered.
  • Damage plan does not cover loss of use of the property.
  • Guest is responsible for charges over and above $3,000.

Effective Time:

The damage plan takes effect on the date and time of check in and terminates at 10:00 am the day of check out or at the time of guest departure whichever occurs first. Damage plan must be paid for prior to taking occupancy of your rental unit and is nonrefundable after check in.


“Guest” means only those persons registered or booked to share the same accommodations, who have elected to purchase Royal Shell’s damage waiver and have paid for the plan in advance.

How to Notify Us of Damages:

Please report any damage to the unit as soon as it occurs so we may be able to assess and/or minimize the extent of the damages. The Damage Waiver is valid ONLY if the incident is reported PRIOR TO CHECK OUT. The Damage Waiver becomes void upon departure, and any damage found by Royal Shell will be the sole responsibility of the guest who incurred the damage.

Legal Authority:

Guest agrees in the event that legal action is required for the enforcement of this plan that all disputes will be settled by arbitration.

All guests will still be required to provide a credit card at check in for incidental charges incurred during your stay such as telephone or other miscellaneous charges. This plan is provided and administrated by Royal Shell Vacations and is not an insurance policy.