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Cameron Anholt Business Manager

Cameron was born in New Jersey in February 1967, joining the clan Anholt with sister Morganna, father Jim and mother Betty. The family moved to Fort Myers, then to Sanibel in 1968. The only home he remembers and loves is Sanibel and Captiva. He likes to say that he sleeps in Fort Myers but home is Sanibel. He has seen a lot of changes on the islands in the past 50+ years, and is very grateful that island residents and visitors are still as community and nature orientated as they ever were.

Cameron has been in the vacation rental industry since 1985. Yes, even before he graduated cum laude from Cypress Lake High School. Cameron has worked in the rental industry from the ground up, starting as a linen attendant at the Sundial Beach Resort & Spa and working every position through housekeeping, maintenance, reservations, owner relations and property management.

When he isn’t working, Cameron enjoys exploring Florida’s natural environment and basking in its delights. He also enjoys learning and finds Florida history thought provoking. It’s one of his favorite topics to explore. A few local historic points of interest include Punta Rassa, near the Causeway tollbooth. Did you know it was the first place in the United States to receive news of the sinking of the USS Maine? Did you know training for the Bay of Pigs invasion was done in Southwest Florida waters? Have you heard the story about the Sanibel Lighthouse, which was first lit on August 20, 1884? As it was being transported, the barge hit a sandbar off Sanibel and fell into the very waters for which it was being sent to be an aid to navigation. When outdoors, Cameron loves hiking and photography. His other interests include kayaking, geocaching, visiting Florida’s natural springs, going to and being part of theater productions, cinema and music to name just a few. It is not the destination but the experience you share in your effort to get there.

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