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Robin Kauppi Director of Housekeeping

Robin grew up in the small town of Utica, Ohio, in a family of four. She has a son and a daughter and was able to stay at home and raise her children in that small town. She also babysat other people’s children.

She took a job as a manager of a company that managed conventional apartments and HUD properties. Robin helped convert the conventional apartments to condos. She then became manager of the HUD property and received an award from the city for helping to revitalize and rid the property of crime. Robin worked to help clean up the area and the apartments and received an award for Most Improved Property. Aside from raising her children, she is most proud of that accomplishment.

Robin moved with her family to Florida and began working for Royal Shell in vacation management. She began as an inspector, progressed to supervisor and is now Director of Housekeeping.

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