Nykkie Rizley | Royal Shell
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Nykkie Rizley Director of Operations

To be candid, Nykkie’s dream was not always to be a vacation rental professional. Graduating from Grand Valley State University with a communications degree in theater, she always wanted to pursue a life of creativity and exploration. After living in Manhattan and Chicago during her 20s, she found herself despising the snow and cold, sunless days.

In 2008, Nykkie found her way to Fort Myers and was hired as a reservation agent on Sanibel Island. Her love for the area and the vacation rental industry has grown congruently over the last decade. This business became a passion she never longed for but now cannot see herself without. The owners, guests, and amazing team members she works with every day have made her career satisfying in a way she never expected.

Taking full advantage of the mentoring available to her, and after gaining experience as a reservation agent, a housekeeping and maintenance coordinator, an owner relations manager, and a revenue manager, she is proud of the team she is now helping to grow in her current role. Through cultivating interpersonal dynamics, developing a culture of service, and improving accountability, Nykkie and her team have been able to create a new experience for Royal Shell clients.

And, she is very thankful to be working for a company that allows her to enjoy her passion. She is the founder and vice president of a not-for-profit theater company in Fort Myers, so she is also able to create and explore every day, just as she had dreamed.

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