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Megan Monty Captiva Operations Manager

Megan has lived in Florida since 1995. She moved here with her parents and brother when she was 11 years old. Originally from Newark, Ohio, Megan is an enthusiastic Buckeye fan.

Megan got her start in the vacation rental industry when she was very young. After relocating to Florida, Megan’s mother began working as an inspector with a Sanibel vacation rental company. She would bring Megan to work with her on Saturdays and Megan helped her inspect properties. Before long, her mother would leave Megan at a property and let her inspect units on her own. Eventually, Megan moved on to reservations was later promoted to a management position.

She considers vacation rentals her passion. She loves to help people and make each guest’s vacation an experience they will always remember. Megan tried to leave the rental business a few years ago but it kept calling her back. She was meant for this business. She loves the details and communication. People often compliment her, saying she’s very organized and her response time is excellent. She feels fortunate that she is able to work in an industry she loves and for Royal Shell, a company she calls “amazing.”

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