Andrew Caksackkar | Royal Shell
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Andrew Caksackkar Maintenance Manager

Originally from Paducah, Kentucky, Andrew has lived on Sanibel Island since 2011 and has worked in the hospitality industry since 2012. He attended the University of Kentucky where he earned a degree in corporate communications. His education has served him well throughout his professional career, fostering his ability to connect and communicate easily and effectively with diverse groups of people. Andrew’s outgoing personality, boundless energy and positive attitude translate to a passion for success and have earned him accolades from property owners and guests. He works diligently to overcome any maintenance challenge and is committed to the project until the issue is resolved. He is a hard worker with a bit of a competitive edge. He likes to think creatively to solve problems others have been unable to solve.

Andrew counts among his accomplishments earning Eagle Scout status, growing his college Water ski/Wakeboard team from four to more than 20 members, obtaining a team boat, and leading the team to a Collegiate National Championship podium finish. He is also proud of his ability to develop relationships that endure. This skill recently resulted in the placement of a lovely Captiva Island home into Royal Shell’s rental program. While Andrew helped vacation guests with a few minor issues, they engaged in conversation and asked him about purchasing an island home. Andrew connected them with a Royal Shell Real Estate sales agent and the guests soon became Captiva homeowners. They placed their home in our rental program, adding to the roster of fine Royal Shell rental homes. When Andrew isn’t solving problems for Royal Shell guests and owners, he enjoys woodworking and building furniture. He likes the feeling of satisfaction his finished products bring. As a result of his work with Royal Shell, he has also discovered his natural ability and eye for interior decorating – one more way he can help property owners.

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